Monday, 13 April 2009


Just a quick post to ask I am the only person who displays my cards in my own home?? - In our house we seem to have a celebration on 365 days of the year in some capacity or other.

When friends and family visit I do get some strange looks - especially when Christmas cards are on display in September (which happened last year).

I usually put my newly made cards on display for a couple of days (incase I decide they need adjustments) and then they get replaced with other newly made .... and so on.....

Am I a bit weird or what?? - My lounge is always jolly and colourful.
Please tell me I am not the only one who does this.!!


  1. No you aren't. Years ago I remember Jill at The Stampman calling it the mantelpiece test.

  2. Don't fear you are not alone I also do this and yes I get the strange looks and the comments too especially if I have made something as a dummy try and place either my husband name or one of our childrens on the cards. I did have to giggle when I read the post as is does sound strange.
    Kim xXx

  3. OH!!! i am now happy to see i am normal too.. :)) i do this with my cards also.. sometimes i leave them on display for a week.. :))

    Love you blog! thanks for sharing :))

    Lauretta , Qc Canada xx

  4. you arent the only one that does this! i always put my cards up for a couple of days when ive finished them! i could say im like you and that i like to see them in case they need adjustments but to be honest i just like to admire them hehe
    V :)

  5. You are not alone. I also like to display my work for a few days when I have finished a project. It can give a new perspective when you get a quick glance of your work, and are not right in the middle of creating it. I think it might be one of those "Can't see the forest for the trees" kind of things. Linda S. in NE

  6. It's so nice seeing the cards you've made and the ones you've received, so why not put them on display?
    I do that very often myself... ;)

  7. I have never done this but what a good idea! I normally look at it on my little easel, and maybe the next day realise what it needs to just finish it perfectly!

    Cazzy x

  8. I have to admit i have never done it but i applaud you for doing it as it does look so colourful & cheerful :-)
    Beautiful cards warm the heart i


  9. I wish I had room to display them...I have a few on display in my crafty space, but not many people visit there. I think it's great!

  10. Well, I hadn't thought of doing this but I will now! I craft in one corner of our study and there are bookshelves along one wall so I usually put my new creations up there until there's no more space, then they go into a box until they are needed. I think the mantlepiece is a much better display zone though - LOL, Nicki.