Friday, 4 December 2009

and the person leaving tonight is......

I am the recipient of this Kreativ Blogger award from
I feel like someone from I'm a celebrity, get me out of the X factor.
... and I have to pass this award on and
- copy this award to my blog
- link to the person who sent it
- identify 7 facts about myself
- choose 7 other bloggers
- link to their blogs and
- leave a comment
well here goes...
first up is - Tracy Gough a very talented lady! - love Kath's blog as she makes just the kind of cards that I aspire to!

http:/ - if you haven't visited Jak's blog - where the heck have you been??- still number one on this is the lady who started me making cards, I now have a house full of crafty stash because of this! - this lady is the queen of spellbinders dies - you have to vist and take a look! - in my opinion queen of the copics!

and this one which definately has the best blog name (apart from mine ofcourse!) - this lady spends some of her year living in Florida and I am sooooooo envious!

and the lowdown on me

1. In the 80's my husband and I lived in Sandbach in Cheshire for 4 years where my dd 1 was born.

2. My body tells me each day that I am all of my 48 years, however in my head it is still 1976 and I am 15. (remember the fabulous hot summer that year?)

3. I love yankee candles and my favourite is vanilla cookie.

4. I am the slowest eater in the world and my family say this is due to my talking during meals (me no!!)

5. My favourite restaurant/cafe is in Florida and is called 'Panera' - they do the most fantastic sarnies and salads and it just happens to be next door to Michaels store.

6. I hate football with a vengance!

7. Music has played a huge part of my life and both my daughters play instruments.


  1. thanks so much for this award and your kind words....I have had this award lots of times before and I'm afraid can't think of any more interesting facts to bore everybody with...but thanks anyway....big hugs kath xxxxx

  2. OMG thank you so much for your wonderful words dear I am sure I do not deserve them, it was so nice of you to pass this award onto me
    Hugs Jacqui x