Wednesday, 24 June 2009

normal service has now resumed!

Hello if there's anyone still out there. I have been on a sabatical - L.O.L. - well actually I have not made any cards for the last month as family and work committments have taken up all my time.

Anyway, have had the chance in the last few days to get down to serious crafting and these are the results...

First one is for a girl who has recently finished taking her G.C.S.E. exams and is a sort of well done, now it's all over, enjoy you prom kind of card. The wording says it all!!

The next card is for a soon to be graduate...

and this one is for a couple about to be married in Mauritius (sounds fab) - didn't want to 'do' a traditional wedding card as it's obviously not a traditional ceremony.

.... and it 's nice to be back in the swing (so to speak)


  1. WOW These are all gorgeous!
    The red card with the red dress is stunning:O)
    The graduate card is cool,
    and the wedding card is so cute.
    Beautiful colouring;O)
    Hugs, Nancy.

  2. first card is gorgeous because of the dress and color! great choice! :)
    second and third one are so cute also!
    well done :)