Sunday, 15 February 2009


No - not valentine cards -but stash!!
After quite a wait from a uk supplier my 'hello kitty' cartridge arrived and then the next day my long awaited martha stewart valentine heart edge punch - have been anticipating the arrival of these for some time.
The martha stewart punch was purchased from an online store in usa then shipped to a friend in orlando who then shipped to me - bought two of these and think they may have been the only ones anywhere - seems like this is a seasonal punch and have seen reports that will not be available in michaels stores after valentines!! - feel very lucky to have one!

- have not been very well this week with a dreaded virus that has left me with a hacking cough but still managed to knock up some quick cards just to see what these tools can achieve.


  1. gorgeous white card, and as for the punch you lucky devil, wish i were you.

  2. Oooh, that white card is beautiful Eliz! Lucky you with the valentines punch. :)
    SamG xx